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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 8, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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>> only if you're e.t., when good morning, america.en president trump set to address the nation just hours from now and take the border showdown to prime time. the democrats will respond. and now vice president pence joins us on "gma" this morning. what democrats are now demanding as the government shutdown hits day 18. and there's breaking news. hundreds injured after two trains collide overseas. the search for survivors right now. happening now. a fast-moving storm barreling from the midwest to the northeast bringing over a foot of snow. massive waves washing away a lighthouse and now millions facing a messy commute this morning. new trouble for kevin spacey, pulled over by police shortly after leaving court with a not guilty plea to sexual assault. major break in a murder mystery. the suspect now in custody. accused of terrorizing this campground for the past two
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years. killing this father while he was sleeping in a tent with his two young daughters. the tigers reclaim their crown. >> and breaking overnight. the freshman quarterback leading the clemson tigers to a roaring victory over alabama. crowned the kings of college football. what helped him pull off the big win. he's telling all on "gma" this morning. ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ♪ dancing through the fire ♪ i am a champion and good morning, america. congratulations, national champions clemson, rolling over the crimson tide. >> yep. kept me up last night. kept me up last night. what an incredible game it was if you're a clemson fan. and the clemson campus, they erupted last night going crazy as college kids usually do. 19-year-old trevor lawrence became the first true freshman quarterback to start and win a
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national championship game since 1985. >> who was that? >> jamelle holieway in for troy aikman. troy was injured. and troy, well, he ended up having a professional career. >> troy did all right. it all worked out. more on that later. the government shutdown now entering day 18. president trump showing no signs of backing down, making a prime time address to the nation tonight and then traveling to the border on thursday. >> democrats will have a response, as well. this friday marks the first missed paychecks for 800,000 federal employees who have been furloughed or are working without pay. if the shutdown extends through saturday, it will be the longest on record. jon karl spoke with vice president pence just moments ago and starts us off from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the vice president said the president will portray this as a national security crisis at the border but there is a real credibility question. i asked the vice president about the repeated false statements, inaccuracies coming from the white house on this issue. thank you, mr. vice president. the president told democratic
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leaders that the shutdown could go on for months, even years. is he really prepared to keep the government shut down that long? >> i think president trump is prepared to do what's necessary to address what is a real humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border. look, jon, the american people deserve to know that the situation on our southern border has become as "the washington post" said a bona fide emergency. 60,000 people a month. and for the first time on record, the vast majority of those are families, unaccompanied children. and it simply is overwhelming the ability of our border patrol and customs agents to be able to address it. we need new resources. we need to build a wall. we need the congress to come to the table and work with this president to address this crisis once and for all. >> but more broadly, how can the president be -- how can his word be trusted on this when he has
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said so many things true outhii he said at baraca s a ten-foot wall built around his house here in washington. you know that's not true. he said that some of his predecessors told him that they wanted to build a wall. but all four living presidents have now put out statements saying that they never had any such conversation with the president. and then you saw sarah sanders say that nearly 4,000 terrorists come into the country every year and, you know, that's not true either. how can the american people trust the president when he says this is a crisis, when he says things over and over again that aren't true? >> well, look, the american people aren't as concerned about the political debate as they are concerned about what's really happening at the border and -- >> this is credibility. the white house said nearly 4,000 terrorists come into our country. that's not true. >> jon, nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists were
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apprehended attempting to come into the united states through various means in the last year. >> overwhelmingly at airport, not at the border. >> but 3,000 special interest individuals, people with suspicious backgrounds that may suggest terrorist connections, were apprehended at our southern border. last year alone, 17,000 individuals with criminal histories were apprehended at our southern border. literally, billions of dollars of narcotics flow through our southern border. 90% of all of the heroin that comes into this country that claims the lives of 300 americans every week comes through our southern border. the passion you hear from president trump, his determination to take this case to the american people as he will tonight in his national broadcast from the oval office comes from this president's deep desire to do his job to protect the american people. and we're going to continue to carry that case forward until the democrats in congress come to the table and start negotiating.
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not just to end the government shutdown, but to address what is an undeniable crisis at our southern border. >> but why are we in this mess in the first place? the president said over and over again, in fact, you said that mexico was going to pay for this wall. so now, he's shutting down the government so that -- to force taxpayers to pay for the wall. i mean, that was a promise that he didn't say once or twice or three times. he said over and over and over again, mexico's going to pay. >> that's right, and the president renegotiated the nafta agreement, now the u.s./mexico/canada agreement in a way that it will benefit the united states in jobs and tax revenues. >> that's not what he said. he didn't say he would renegotiate a deal -- >> jon, we've also negotiated a new arrangement with mexico going forward that, when individuals come into this country and come to this country and apply for asylum, they'll be able to remain in mexico while they're going through the
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judicial process. as i sit here today, democrats refuse to even negotiate to end the shutdown and address the border crisis. and it's time they came back to the table. >> mr. vice president, thank you. thank you for your time. >> thank you, jon. >> thanks. >> and jon, you pressed the vice president pretty hard there and you also asked about this idea the president might declare a national emergency to go around congress if they can't negotiate a deal. >> reporter: yeah, and he said the president is considering that, as we've heard from the president, that they are looking into that. but i pressed how would that work? and does the president really believe that he could build the wall without any congressional approval or congressional authorization and no direct answer on how that would work. but he did say it is something that is under consideration. no decision yet made. >> we'll ask kamala harris about that in our next half hour. jon karl, thank you so much. democratic leaders want equal time, demanding equal time on tv tonight to respond to president trump. so let's go to our senior congressional correspondent mary
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bruce on capitol hill with more details on that. good morning, mary. >> reporter: robin, good morning. democrats are clearly concerned about the nation only hearing one side of this argument and not getting the facts. they are demanding equal time deliver to their own response. saying in a statement, quote, if the president's past statements are any indication, it will be full of malice and misinformation. now, here on the hill democrats are trying to ramp up the pressure on republicans in the senate saying they won't vote for any legislation in the senate until republicans agree to vote on measures to reopen the government. mitch mcconnell won't take up any funding bill unless he's certain the president will support it. >> so we're in day 18 of the shutdown. what new impacts are we feeling, mary? >> reporter: the white house is saying they're trying to mitigate some of the impacts of the shutdown, ordering irs agents back so that they can process tax returns while at the department of housing they are asking landlords not to evict tenants .
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the ts binsts the , the air line pilots ot the utdowns ad and fien o robin, one thing for certain, if this shutdown continues through saturday, this will then be the longest shutdown in the nation's history. >> the one thing that is for sure. thank you so much. you will be anchoring our live coverage of the president's prime time address and the democratic response. it all starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. michael? and now to that breaking news overseas. a deadly crash in south africa. two trains colliding injuring more than 200 people and killing at least 3. rescue crews on the scene this morning trying to pull people from the wreckage. authorities are investigating the cause of the crash at this hour. turning to fast-moving storm bringing snow, rain, and strong winds across the midwest into the northeast. ginger, you have it all. it seems like winter is coming. it's going to be cold. >> finally feeling like winter in a lot of the country.
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you can see, michigan, 6 to 13 inches of snow fell in northern michigan on the lakes. i'm telling you, i grew up on lake michigan, it can get riotous, and it was, up to 20-foot waves. look at what happened to this lighthouse beacon. it was there in manitowoc, wisconsin, and just moments after the water and wind just kind of took it over, it's gone. so that thing that had been there for decades at least taken out by those southeast winds. wind advisories from indianapolis back to north dakota, and those wind gusts will top 30 to 50 miles per hour. tomorrow we get it in the northeast. boston, new york city, washington, d.c., you'll see some of those gusts reach 24, 25 miles per hour. windy all the way through thursday and certainly feeling like winter, george. >> thanks. we turn to a new report overnight about an american navy veteran held captive in iran since july as tensions grow between our two countries. our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz is in washington with the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is startling news this morning since, as you said, this is an american who has reportedly been held for nearly
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six months. and this is the first time the american public has heard of it. "the new york times" says that michael white, a 46-year-old navy veteran, was visiting his iranian girlfriend according to white's mother. he had visited the country numerous times before but failed to board his scheduled departure flight last summer. the mother said she filed a missing persons report and that the state department told her just three weeks ago white was in an iranian prison. this morning, the state department saying only "we are aware of reports of the detection of a u.s. citizen in iran. we have no higher priority than the safety and security of u.s. citizens abroad." but they would not give more information because of privacy concerns, george. >> martha, and he is not the only american being held in iran. >> reporter: he is not and relations are very tense with iran. and there are at least three other american citizens, two of iranian descent imprisoned in
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iran and another american, bob levinson, who has been missing for over a decade. as for michael white, a consular visit is trying to be arranged through the swiss. george? >> all right, martha, thanks very much. we're going to stay in washington and get the latest on ruth bader ginsburg. as another session of oral arguments gets under way, ginsburg is home recovering from cancer surgery. doctors removed two cancerous lesions from her lungs and she missed oral arguments but still participating in cases remotely and no sign she's leaving any time soon. she has hired law clerks through the year 2020. michael? >> all right, thank you, george. now to a break in that mysterious murder of a father who was shot dead in his tent while camping with his two daughters in california. abc's kayna whitworth joins us now from calabasas. and kayna, it turns out, the suspect was already in police custody. >> reporter: yeah, michael, good morning. authorities arrested anthony rauda and he's been in custody ever since and the campground has remained closed. well, now, this morning, he's
7:13 am
facing a murder charge and more than a dozen others. this morning, a break in a case that terrified people near this popular calabasas park for years. 42-year-old anthony rauda charged with murdering tristan beaudette, the 35-year-old father who was camping with his two young daughters in malibu creek state park. he was shot and found dead inside their tent. both girls uninjured. >> there was a lot of blood when they woke up with a loud noise. >> reporter: rauda appearing in court monday for his arraignment, hiding from cameras. >> do you agree to that, sir? >> reporter: charged with murder, ten counts of attempted murder and five counts of second degree burglary. police believed rauda had been terrorizing the area since 2016 shooting this man allegedly while sleeping in a hammock. >> i woke up to a stinging pain in my arm. i felt the cold breeze on my arm through the hammock which was weird.
7:14 am
>> reporter: police also say rauda allegedly fired shots into vehicles passing by. >> at first i thought someone put a sticker on my car, then my boyfriend walked around and he was like, that's a bullet hole. >> reporter: rauda under restraint and wearing a spit mask last month, convicted of several robberies in the area. police say that since his arrest, there have been no further shootings putting the california community at ease. his bail set at $1.1 million and he faces life in prison if convicted. and, you guys, he will be in court later this month to enter a plea. >> kayna, thank you. now to the new college football champions, clemson overpowering top-ranked alabama overnight, winning its second championship in three years. paula faris, lucky duck, there for it all in santa clara. good morning, paula. >> reporter: yeah, we all saw this one coming, right, robin? no, what a game this was. i think i'm still picking confetti out of my hair and out of my clothes. but this was supposed to be a close game. but instead, clemson handed nick saban his worst loss at alabama. >> the tigers reclaim their
7:15 am
crown, by crushing alabama. >> reporter: with all eyes on round four between alabama and clemson at the 2019 college football championship, clemson reigned supreme crushing the defending champs in their third title matchup in four years. this game was supposed to be pretty close. >> yep, it was. but, you know, you got to play it. it's not always played on paper. you got to play the game and tonight was our night. >> lawrence with the rush coming, finds tee higgins, touchdown! >> reporter: clemson's trevor lawrence becoming the first true freshman starting quarterback to lead his team to the national championship since 1985. >> it's my faith, you know, having that as my rock and just knowing that no matter what happens out here or anywhere else my future is not going to change. >> reporter: the 19-year-old capturing america's hearts with both his hair and his fierce heart. >> tigers make a statement! >> reporter: did you envision this as the outcome?
7:16 am
>> we just wanted to be the best team ever and i think we made a case for ourselves tonight. >> reporter: is the strength all in his hair? >> i guess so. i mean, i don't know where he gets it from. but that boy good. >> reporter: inside the stadium the crowd didn't disappoint. how good does this feel? >> this is so great for the clemson family. i mean, because it's not just about touchdowns. it's about growing those players. and they're good people. and they won tonight. and that's what it's all about. >> reporter: and we caught up with the ultimate superfan that i introduced you to yesterday. llyas and nancy, who spent 12 days camped out on this espn billboard to get tickets to the game. they have been up on this billboard since december 27th, god be with both of you. the former strangers, though rivals, now friends for life. >> we got our shakers too. >> reporter: they were certainly living their best lives at the game sitting on the 50 yard line
7:17 am
and they got a chance to set on the center of "sportscenter" and went down on the field later. nancy tweeted a couple hours ago, i am off the espn billboard but still a superfan and their friendship extending beyond that. can we talk about trevor for a second? he has been hearing all year that he looks like "sunshine." remember the quarterback who played for denzel washington in "remember the titans." he's been hearing that. he says, i prefer to be called trevor. do you see it? do you see it a little bit? >> yeah, yeah. >> a little bit. >> the hair kind of carries it. it does. >> reporter: i don't know if the strength is in his hair. you guys, he's been growing his hair out since he was a freshman in high school. and if you're curious, he uses pantene. >> okay, thanks for that. >> you ask all the tough questions. but the great thing he's the national champion and for a true freshman, you show up at a big program like that and you take
7:18 am
them all the way to the championship, that is a huge deal. >> second one in three years. good for them. >> hasn't been done since 1985 with a freshman quarterback. true freshman. that was played out west. and now we're going to go to ginger. she'll tell us about the next storm moving into the west. >> and about denver in the 50s and 60s for five days. look, you go west and get into elevation, interstate 70 has a big backup because of snow. that is that first storm. another one coming tomorrow. tomorrow is the big day for that. even los angeles by the end of the week has a shot at getting a little bit more rain. to the tuesday trivia now brought to you by edward jones.
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coming up, kevin spacey is facing a judge for the first time on that sexual assault allegation. could the oscar-winner face years in prison? and one of the stars of the democratic party, california's senator kamala harris here live. is she going to run for president? california's kamala harris here live. is she going to run for president? ♪ woo! yeah! it's good! it's refreshing. ♪
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good morning. i'm jessica castro. governor gavin newsom will meet with public safety officials to figure out how to quicken the state's response to wild fires an other disasters. it follows a series of deadly wild fires in northern and southern california last fall. we have the all clear for the disabled vehicle that was blocking one of the cash lanes for quite some time. looking better here. fast track seeing delays. car pool lanes are wide open. westbound 580 has been heavy all morning. one hour 3 minutes. northbound 85 through the south
7:24 am
bay. >> okay. thank you. we have a storm ton
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babybel: saved it! live doppler 7 is hotter up in the nofrt bay. periods of rain are definitely possible during the day. during the evening and overnight hours we ramp up with heavier showers and thunderstorms and gusty storms start at 1:00 this afternoon through 10:00 this morning. 25 to 60 miles per hour gusts. 35 to 40 in our valleys. we had dangerous surf 9:00 this evening and tomorrow evening. tapers to a 1. friday, saturday and sunday more rain. >> all right. be careful out there. coming up kevin spacey in court facing the sexual misconduct charjs the key piece of evidence his attorney wants preserved.
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for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. it's a sloth. >> hi. >> welcome back to "gma." >> how is it going? >> all right. wait for it. wait for it. >> i'm fine. i heard -- >> i can't wait anymore. that was one of the most memorable entrances on last night's premiere of "the bachelor." alex from boston, aka the sloth, finally revealing herself later in the show. trying to win over colton's heart. but it was not enough. >> she was sent home -- >> really? >> -- slowly. yes. [ laughter ] that was just one of the craziest -- crazy entrances we saw. we'll have much more coming up later on in the show.
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>> that's not enough? >> thank you for that. >> that wasn't weird at all. >> no. we have a lot of headlines we're following right now, including day 18 of the government shutdown. president trump preparing to address the nation tonight. he will take that border showdown to primetime, and democratic leaders will respond. then the president will head to the border thursday. if there is no agreement friday no checks for 800,000 workers. then, an update on the little girl who fell into the rhino enclosure last week. the 2-year-old injured by a rhino is back home with her family after she fell through the steel poles separating the people from the animals. >> take a look at this. a little surprise for gavin newsom last night. middle of the speech his son ran right up. >> to pour billions into a wall -- >> and then he kept right on going. but everybody was looking at his son. >> he never lost a beat with that. now, we have the latest on that sexual misconduct case against oscar-winner kevin spacey. the actor appearing in court where a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf.
7:32 am
linsey davis is in unanimous opportunity, massachusetts, with more. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. right after that court appearance, kevin spacey then flew back to washington, d.c., on a private jet. he then got into the driver's seat of an suv and was promptly pulled over for speeding. now he was able to make it out without a speeding ticket. but as for the case against him that he was arraigned for in the building right behind me? that still looms large. >> off the sidewalk. >> reporter: this morning, disgraced actor kevin spacey who once shined when surrounded by cameras on the red carpet -- now faces a different kind of attention. >> what are your feelings today, mr. spacey? >> reporter: mobbed by cameras and helicopters on his way to a massachusetts courtroom, accused of groping a teenage male back in 2016. >> this complaint charges that on july 8th, 2016 -- >> reporter: standing stone-faced and silent in court, the stakes are quite high for the 59-year-old actor who is now charged with felony sexual assault.
7:33 am
potentially facing up to five years in prison if convicted. his legal team entering a not guilty plea on his behalf. his attorney also requesting the judge preserve the accuser's cell phone records, which include snapchat videos taken by the then 18-year-old, who says he texted and snapchatted his girlfriend during the incident. >> i simply don't want to see any of that data deleted, destroyed, even inadvertently, or manipulated. >> reporter: on monday, neither the alleged victim nor his mother, former boston news anchor heather unruh, appeared in court. though she has spoken publicly blasting spacey in the past. >> shame on you for what you did to my son. this was a criminal act. >> reporter: spacey, who's been accused of improper conduct by more than 30 men, is also facing accusations of sexual misconduct in other cases. the los angeles district attorney is currently reviewing a sexual assault case with one man who claims spacey assaulted him in malibu three years ago.
7:34 am
and in london, authorities are investigating six allegations against the actor after multiple men there came forward. the hollywood star who's taken home oscars for his roles in "american beauty" and "the usual suspects." >> you just needed the will to do what the other guy wouldn't. i'm certainly not going to pay the price for something i didn't do. >> reporter: and releasing this bizarre video online titled, "let me be frank," channeling his "house of cards" character frank underwood. another hearing is set for march 4th. spacey doesn't have to make an appearance at that. the judge also warned spacey to stay away from his accuser and his accuser's family. joining us now, sunny hostin, and also criminal defense attorney mark geragos. appreciate you both being here. sunny, you come from the perspective of a former prosecutor. how strong is this case? >> you know, i think when i was prosecuting these in the
7:35 am
late '90s and early 2000s, i would have said this is not an easy case to prove primarily because sex crimes generally are not reported. victims don't want to come forward. but we're in a different time right now, we're in the me too movement. i don't think anybody would have thought years ago that bill cosby would be serving a three-year prison sentence so i think this is actually a case about concept. i think there's video evidence in this case. you have a young man who has come forward and said this happened to me. i think jurors are now more interested in these kind of cases. i think they believe victims more often now. and i think this case is pretty strong. >> i'm going to ask about the video in just a moment. mark, i want to you weigh in. what is the best strategy for the defense? >> i think already a.j.'s laid out what his strategy is. he's going to say, i think, at the previous hearing, they had talked about this idea this was consensual. that they're going to say that the video that was taken doesn't show anything other than consensual. they're going to say they want the text messages because clearly the -- he was not being assaulted. he was texting at the time,
7:36 am
number one and, number two, that he didn't report it for more than a year, even though he had been talking about it with his girlfriend in realtime so i -- contrary to sunny, i don't think it matters whether it's me too or time's up. i don't think this is a strong case from the prosecution's perspective at all. in fact, i would expect that kevin spacey is found not guilty on this case. >> but sunny, as you brought up that tape, that snapchat video. >> yeah, you know, again, when i was prosecuting these cases, there were -- victims didn't come forward. and certainly, there was never video. now you have a case where there is video. and you also have a case where you have kevin spacey, you know, sort of putting out this creepy video where he's talking like frank underwood from "house of cards." you have a lot of other victims that have come forward. you have kevin spacey also saying to one of his other alleged victims, i'm sorry for -- this is mr. rapp -- i'm sorry for any other inappropriate drunken behavior. if any of that information comes
7:37 am
forward in front of a jury, i mean, again, this case gets stronger and stronger and mark geragos he knows that i love him. if i would get in trouble he is the criminal defense attorney i would hire but this case gets stronger and stronger. >> mark, can they keep the other accusations out of this? >> well, i think you saw with cosby, and you see with others who are publicly being prosecuted, that that is what prosecutors do when they've got a generally weak case. they claim when they're in court that they want to bring in these other accusers because that's going to give you a common mode of operation. or it's going the give you a common scheme for identity. it's really not that. it's usually to bolster what is generally a bad case. interestingly, his lawyer in this case was also the prosecutor in the specter case and used that other crimes evidence when he was a prosecutor. so he's well aware of that. it takes a case that is normally
7:38 am
weak or that normally you would not bring if you're a prosecutor and it probably pushes them over the hill and makes then want to bring a case like this. and i don't disagree with sunny for a second. i'm sure if the lawyer had to do it over again he would have pulled back the frank underwood video. that was not one of the great things you would want unless you have a mental defense going on. >> can i just say this very, very quickly. he -- kevin spacey plied this young man with so much alcohol. how does this young man consent when he's that drunk? that's going to be a big issue in the case. >> thank you so much. i love the respect that you have for each other. >> he's a wonderful attorney. >> thank you for that. see you on "the view." >> we love each other. >> always appreciate your perspective, mark. george? >> thank you, robin. when we come back, senator kamala harris, one of the rising stars of the democratic party, you see her right there, out with a new book. is she running for president? nd. it's understanding why that...
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7:42 am
we have an exclusive interview now with senator kamala harris. she's a star in the democratic party, taking a hard look at jumping into the race for president. now this morning out with two new books "the truths we hold: an american journey" and a children's book "superheroes are everywhere." thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> at the beginning of the program, we had vice president pence on the program. president trump speaking in primetime about the border issue and government shutdown. the vice president's basic point, democrats are ignoring a crisis and says the president is really considering declaring a national emergency to go around congress. your response?
7:43 am
>> it's just not true. it's just simply not true. there was a bipartisan effort out of the united states senate and the united states congress to pass funding of the government. and the president is holding it up because of his vanity project, which is this wall, at taxpayers' expense, and at the expense of hundreds of thousands of workers who are working every day without being paid. so it's just simply not true. it's an emergency of his own creation. >> but if he declares this national emergency, is there anything you can do to stop him? >> well, you know, i think that there's no question that we will litigate and there will be litigation. these are moments in our country where the beauty of the design of our democracy is being tested. and if you think about our democracy and the republicans being a tabletop, standing on four legs, there are three independent, co-equal branches of government and a free and independent press. those other branches of government and the courts and the press will put the checks and balances on the outrageous
7:44 am
conduct of this administration. if he declares an emergency, i think that we will see again the checks and balances kick in, in particular, through the courts. >> no secret that you're looking at a run for president. you haven't decided yet unless you want to announce right now. >> i'm not going to decide right now. >> okay, but anyone who runs has to answer this first big question. what can i bring to the white house that no one else can bring? why should i be president right now? >> right. i think we're at an inflection moment. not only in the history of our country but our world. there is a lot that is in flux and changing. we have emerging and descending economies. the impact of technology and automation, climate change, populations are shifting. there is so much happening in our world right now. and there are a lot of people who rightly feel displaced. and are wondering, where do they belong? are they relevant? are they seen? are we thinking about them? and i think that it is clear to me that what we need this the country is leadership that has a vision of the future in which everyone can see themselves.
7:45 am
and part of why i wrote the book this moment, there are a lot of people that are distrustful of their government and its institutions. and leaders, and in order to build relationships of trust, we must speak truth and we must speak truth about issues that relate to the economic hardship that so many american families are experiencing. we must speak truth about issues that relate to civil rights and issues that relate to what we need to do around a real education system in this country that works for all children and all families. and i wrote the book, also, not only to speak those truths, but to really explain where my perspective comes from. i was raised by a very strong mother who instilled in us great values that really have informed a lot of the work i do. >> yeah, she's the star of both your books. >> she is. >> at the very end of this book you say whenever you're faced with a hard decision, you think, what would mommy think? >> that's true and that's what we always called her, mommy. >> what would she think about all this?
7:46 am
>> i think she would say what is going on down there? it is a hot mess. >> and kamala has to fix it. >> well, yeah, i was raised that when you see a problem you don't complain about it. you go and do something about it. i was raised, you know, my mother -- i would get so upset at her when i got older. i would come home with a problem and other parents would say, oh, darling, i'll take care of it. my mother would look at us and say, well, what did you do? so i think this is that moment. and i believe for all of us history will say, and our children and our grandchildren will ask at that inflection moment, where were you? and what did you do in service of your family, your neighborhood, your community, and your country? >> we will be waiting for your answer. the book is "the truths we ," s thank you -- "superheroes are everywhere" are out right now.
7:47 am
we'll be right back. >> thank you. >> thanks. oats have a soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which can help lower cholesterol when part of a heart-healthy diet. what's more, these oats have no artificial flavors, preservatives or added colors. now that's something to celebrate. see this sweet feature? don't call it a spoiler, cuz it don't spoil a thing. oh look, you don't need to sell me. at carmax, they buy all the cars. that's helpful. this is just taped on for show. they'll still buy it. thank you. turn up your swagger game with one a day gummies.
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coming up, we have an exclusive interview with the woman who met and fell in love with her boyfriend 12 years after having his baby. >> after. >> after. >> you meant after? >> yes. >> we're going to explain it. >> all right. >> we'll explain for everybody. >> we'll give you an hour. plus, get ready to transform your home and life. marie kondo is sharing her secrets and wait till you see the changes she made in our "gma" home.
7:51 am
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frmg go >> good morning. we have our stormy forecast. >> yeah. checking out doppler 7. i think it's a little too hot. some of that not reaching the ground. the rest of the storm is to follow. we'll have periods of light rain through the day. once is sunsets that's when more widespread showers and thunderstorms move in. we have thunderstorms 10:00 tomorrow morning and 9:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow night dangerous surf. storm goes from a 2 to a 1 by tomorrow. >> thank you. they wiped this lens off for us. we have light rain on the richmond side. we also have this right shoulder blocked past the toll plaza. that is slowing things down. onto the bridge 8 minutes across. it is 27 minute drive.
7:57 am
westbound 92 across san >> thank you. >> coming up, the woman that met and fell in love with her
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president trump et set to address the nation. democrats will respond. vice president pence speaking to "gma" as the government shutdown hits day 18. growing outrage. a top high school basketball player suspended benched for a mistake that wasn't even her fault. she's one of the best seniors in the country. top nba players are now coming to her defense. will she be reinstated? only on "gma," unlikely love story. the mother who met her boyfriend more than ten years after giving birth to his child. how their daughter used a dna kit to find her father leading to their new blended family. if you are a transfixed by mar marie kondo tidying up she's
8:01 am
putting her techniques to use here. it may be cold outside but the bachelor is heating things up coast to coast. the jaw-dropping premiere, bri with the fake accent, the sloth and the woman who just couldn't stop interrupting everyone else. who will capture colton's heart? just five ingredients to a fabulous meal. jamie oliver is here live. and he's here to say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> donna summer. we do say good morning, america. we're seeing all around the world this lovely couple is from kuwait. they were outside and they say they watch us in their country. so it's wonderful. wonderful. sparkly boots. love the look. but thank you so much.
8:02 am
beautiful. >> i love that. good morning to you. thank you guys for being here. we have lots ahead in today's show including a doctor who says you can reverse heart disease or diabetes by making four simple changes to your lifestyle. we'll tell you what those four changes are. >> important information there. a lot of headlines to get to including president trump taking the border showdown to prime time addressing the nation at 9:00 eastern. democrat also respond. jonathan karl spoke with vice president pence early this morning. >> reporter: the vice president made it clear the president will portray the situation at the border as a crisis, a humanitarian crisis, a national security crisis but there is a real credibility issue here. i pressed the vice president on the president's repeated misstatements and false statements, inaccuracies about what he has said on the border situation. how can the president be -- how can his word be trusted when he has said so many things that are just not true about this crisis?
8:03 am
he said that barack obama has a ten-foot wall around his house. you know that's not true. he said some of his predecessors said they wanted to build a wall but all four living presidents have now put out statements they never had any such conversation with the president and saw sarah sanders say nearly 4,000 terrorists come into the country every year and, you know, that's not true either. how can the american people trust the president when he says this is a crisis, when he says things over and over again that aren't true. >> well, look, the american people aren't as concerned about the political debate as they are concerned about what's really happening at the border and that's what -- >> the question is credible. the white house said nearly 4,000 terrorists come into our country. that's not true. >> jon, nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists were apprehended attempting to come into the united states through
8:04 am
various means. >> overwhelmingly at airport, not at the border. >> 3,000 special interest individuals, people with suspicious backgrounds that may suggest terrorist connections were apprehended at our southern border. last year alone 17,000 individuals with criminal histories were apprehended at our southern border. literally billions of dollars of narcotics flow through our southern border. 90% of all the heroin that comes into this country that claims the lives of 300 americans every week comes through our southern border. the passion you hear from president trump, his determination to take this case to the american people as he will tonight from the oval office comes from this president's deep desire to do his job to protect the american people and we're going to continue to carry that case forward until the democrats in congress come to the table and
8:05 am
start negotiating. >> reporter: with negotiations going nowhere the president has suggested that he could declare a national emergency, build his wall without congressional authorization, i asked the vice president about that. he said it is something that the white house is looking into but that no decision has been made on whether or not to do it and he also did not say how exactly that would work. >> okay, jon, thanks very much. you will join me for our live coverage tonight at 9:00 eastern. robin. now to the growing outrage over the suspension of a top girl's high school basketball player. usa basketball mistakenly sending her an $857 stipend for representing the country in an international tournament over the summer. t.j. holmes has the story and, t.j., many are outraged about this. >> a lot of adults messed up and an 18-year-old kid. what's it costing her? probably the most important year of her life playing the game she loves. this was an administrative error
8:06 am
that has been corrected and was not her fault. >> the superstar center maori davenport can write her own college check. >> reporter: she is one of the best high school basketball players in the country. maori davenport a dominant post player who committed to rutgers as a junior and helped the usa under 81 team win a gold medal at the world championships. but this morning there's outrage after she was banned from playing the game she loves, suspended for her senior year at alabama's charles henderson high school. why? she was mistakenly sent a check for $857.20. >> my parents called the coach to make sure that it was okay. he said, yes, he said that everybody was going to get a check. >> they said that she received the check and cashed the check and she wasn't supposed to and >>epor basketball had brokenamu
8:07 am
routinely gives stipends but failed to check with the high school athletic association in davenport's hometown to make sure it was allowed. usa basketball admits this was their error and davenport returned the money in full. they're standing by the z suspension. a student cannot accept payment for loss of time or wages while participating in athletics as part of expenses. nba giants are come to go her defense. chris paul tweeted, how is this even fair? she shouldn't pay for someone else's mistake. this is crazy. demarcus cousin also from alabama tweeted, this is wrong on so many levels that i don't know where to start. fix this now. >> maori davenport was been punished enough and making her eligible now would hurt no one. >> they are despite the outrage the athletic association is sticking by it and say this would open a pandora's box if
8:08 am
you make an exception no matter who made the mistake a rule was violated so sticking with their guns. >> it's not even an ncaa violation. which is saying something. but, yes, she has committed to rutgers, great. but she's still losing out on so much, t.j. >> yes, because the type of accolades she could get. this is her senior year. think about all of us. even if you didn't play sports they won their first state championship and led them last year. won't get a chance to defend that or mcdonald's high school all-american honors, losing all of that because of an error -- this is adults failing a child. this should not be the case. >> the money was paid back as soon as they realized the mistake was made and asked, it wasn't as if they did something without asking. >> they returned it. the mistake was caught. >> contacted everybody, had it sent back. even with all that i got to tell you, jay bilas wrote an op-ed, please go online and read it. he even talked to the director
8:09 am
of the alabama high school athletic association. called him on the phone so read his op-ed. you'll have more insight. >> maybe another update i'll she is a true student athlete. that modern love story, the woman who gave birth to her daughter then she met and fell in love with the father, the child's father more than a decade later. how a dna kit led to their romance. could four simple changes to your lifestyle reverse heart disease or diabetes? dr. ashton is here with that. lara is upstairs. what's going on? >> we have a great audience. that's what's going on. love these guys. we also have our favorite celebrity chef jamie oliver is here. he's hard at work in our kitchen with a couple of our viewers showing us all how to make a feast with just five ingredients. come on back, "good morning america" is going to be tasty. [ applause ]
8:10 am
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8:14 am
together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. what are you up to? we welcome you back to "gma" and gwyneth paltrow will be here live tomorrow cooking, the one dish she says she always makes for her friends but i guess she's going to make it for us tomorrow. [ applause ] okay, there, "pop news," lara. >> in my mind. i love gwyneth. good morning, you guys. good morning to you. so yesterday you may remember in "pop news" we showed you the fiji water girl and globes red carpet. she went viral. supposed to be in the background. you couldn't miss her. she photobombed her way into our hearts. kelleth cuthbert has gained more than 100,000 new instagram
8:15 am
followers in the last 24 hours who love her chutzpah and take a look at these memes people have created. here she is serving space and water on the moon and at the royal wedding. she even looks good hanging out with the "gma" crew. >> hey. >> there she is. getting in on the action. right now though her first ever interview with kelleth who says her motto is always play your "a" game. >> i think you have to be prepared whoever is taking your feet to. a bunch of the memes are all hilarious. i haven't had time to sort through all the ones people have been sending me but everything i've seen is hilarious. i love it. >> you're looking at like famous in the making. kelleth cuthbert. kelleth cuthbert. say that three times fast. where does kelleth go from here? fiji water may want to lock her
8:16 am
in. colbert gave fiji the equivalent -- did i say fuji? i meant fiji where i should probably go on vacation. >> you just got off vacation. >> sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. anyway she gave them a lot of free advertising because of people like us who love her, love her chutzpah so we shall see. kelleth, thanks for talking to "gma." >> you know what -- [ applause ] she said -- i saw her and she said she knew she made it big. she called her mom and her mom immediately started laughing and she said if her mother knew about her, she's big. >> i think that is. that is sort of the bar, our moms. now the one and only meryl streep also in "pop news," this is your first look at the oscar winner in "big little lies." hbo just releasing a tiny tease of their highly anticipated
8:17 am
second season. take a look. >> i want to know what happened that night. >> yeah, that's it and, meryl, we want to know too. >> that's it? >> sometimes i don't exaggerate. >> tiny. >> i should have said teeny tiny. according to hbo season two explores the malignancies of lie, durability of friendship and fragility of marriage. reese posting this image late monday. that checks a lot of boxes that is captioned it's all happening and fans will notice the gals in the picture still wearing their audrey hepburn-inspired costumes from the party that ended season one, looks like they have some explaining to do. the new season of "big little lies" debuts sometime this year. >> sometime. >> i know. [ applause ] it's like that when -- >> exactly. finally, is there anything more adorable than a new puppy playing in the yard except that sometimes it can go horribly
8:18 am
wrong. take a look at rose. this little bulldog discovered her favorite spot happened to be a small but mighty pile of mud. she will not get out of that pile. her new owner thinks it's really funny at first and she encourages rose to get ready for her bath. rose being a good girl listens, maybe a little too well. listen up. >> we're going to go take a bath. oh, my heavens. look. you ready? oh. just don't run into -- oh! >> good girl, rose. she listens. >> she's a good little girl. good dirty girl. >> thank you, that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] >> that is a tough act to follow. our cover story, a look at a unique family. a mom who gave beirth to her daughter and fell in love with
8:19 am
the father a decade later. >> reporter: aaron long only started dating the mother of his 13-year-old daughter last year. >> it's kind of like i'm living in a science fiction story. >> reporter: confused? you see, aaron was a sperm donor in the mid '90s. in 2005 jess selected his sperm to have her daughter with her female partner. >> what is it about aaron's profile, his sperm donor profile? >> build this story in the head of the values you have. what kind of person might not just share our values because i don't think those are genetic but be drawn to the same kinds of things we're drawn to. >> reporter: that's when alice plit up a the picture. couple of years ago. at just the time that their precocious daughter alice started poking around the dna testing tight 23 and me.
8:20 am
there she found her father. so alice's mother and biological father got to talking as well. >> when we met in person, i don't know, the attraction seemed harder for either of us to denow. >> reporter: how long was it before you realized the father of your daughter might turn out to be your boyfriend at some point? >> longer than for aaron, this was not my relationship or my journey to jump into and mess up forever. >> reporter: the relationship so unconventional and surprising it reminds them of the plot to the movie "the kids are all right." >> i just keep seeing my kids' expressions in your face. >> really? really? >> reporter: aaron had invited jessica and alice to live in the same communal home as him and they did. turns out aaron has a lot of other kids as well. >> bryce, madi, jamie. >> reporter: do you think you might have more kids? >> it's very hard to say. i did a little bit of pretty shoddy math and came up with a figure of 67 as a maximum and
8:21 am
it's hard to say. >> reporter: several of aaron's kids featured in the upcoming documentary "$40 a pop" including bryce who is now in the military and 21-year-old madi who also lives in the communal home. >> we all have the nose. >> we have these large noses. >> reporter: what was it like when you met him. >> we hit it off right away. >> i won't be these kids' parents but i feel like i can be their friends and i can be just someone for them to look at and think about when they contemplate nurture and nature questions. >> just want to make sure you got that. 67 kids, george. now, it's fascinating to see how similar their personalities are, in this case nature seems to win over nurture. aaron does know the identity of ten of his biological kids but he says he's not reaching out to all of them yet especially the younger ones. george. >> that story was so much more
8:22 am
complicated than i expected. >> yeah. >> i agree. [ applause ] >> let's go to ginger. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> ginger. >> i'll take it over here. i'm taking it. [ applause ] we have time for your "gma" moment so we do this. just one kid in this one and we actually -- i hate burpees. but they're one of the toughest unless you watch 2-year-old sill very. ah, learning how to do her first. yeah. oh, yeah, all the way up. dad greg teaching her how to do it in lincoln, nebraska. [ applause ] that makes me want t
8:23 am
[ applause ] we have a "gma" health alert for you now. medical pioneer dr. dean ornish and his wife claim you can reverse problems like heart disease and diabetes with simple lifestyle changes. becky worley sat down with them to talk about their new book. hey there, becky. >> reporter: good morning, robin. at this time of year filled with fresh resolutions, what motivates us to live healthier? is it fear or joy? well, if you have a chronic illness what if joy and being connected to the people in your life were the first steps to undoing your medical problems? ♪ going to do my thing >> reporter: it's a feel good moment we all look for in life. like this scene from "mamma
8:24 am
mia." ♪ take a chance on me >> reporter: and surprise, creating a sense of connection is one of the top things you can do to live longer. >> eat well, move more, sleep more, stress less. >> reporter: it's in their new book. like many of us i'm starting with diet. >> eat well means eat whole food, plant-based food, low in fat, low in sugar. as they come in nature. >> reporter: beautiful day to go paddleboarding. >> i love to exercise. >> whatever activity you love the most do that and do a little bit more of that. >> reporter: and stress, what can you do when you don't have the luxury of doing less? >> well, the time to meditate is when you don't have time for it. >> reporter: he says meditation is the antidote for a short fuse. but their last tenet for health. >> i understand that eat well, understand move well, okay, we're all stressed. but this love more thing, i know i'm not sure about and it
8:25 am
ishs have anns out to beprogram. institute and program for people who want to reverse heart disease, fight prostate cancer and undo the effects of diabetes. >> when people start with our program it's usually because some kind of catastrophic thing has happened or a lot of fear. >> reporter: while fear initially drives many of these changes, they say you need a positive motivator to sustain healthy habit. >> study after study shows people who are lonely and depressed and isolate reasonable doubt three to ten types likely to get sick and die when compared to those who have a sense of love and connection to community. i don't know anything in medicine that has that big an impact. >> the book "undo it" is out today. friendships are so important so we need to make a date and go do something love. >> thank you so very, very much. >> we do a good job of focusing on the body with attention to diet and exercise.
8:26 am
we forget above the neck. we need to worry about our soul, our spirit, stress as much as exercise and nutrition and connect the body with the rest. >> so reducing stress, how do we go about doing that. >> there i's stress, positive and negative stress. the key is with lifestyle intervention, meditation, exercise, deep breathing, all of these things incredibly important because trust me, if we don't deal with stress medically stress will deal with us. >> plant-based protein, good data to support it can prevent and reverse disease. >> you got that all in in a minute. you're the best. >> you are too. >> we'll be right back.
8:27 am
good morning. police invest gatding a shooting death of a student at an elementary school. they called to check on the teen around 11:00 last night. they found him in the parking lot with a gunshot wound. police have not made any arrests. definitely busy on the roads this morning. we don't have anything specific making it so heavy right here. 87 approaching san jose. definitely seeing the slow volumes. we are back at full force as of yesterday. we are seeing that reflected in our drive times too. southbound 680 and southbound out of santa rosa on
8:28 am
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the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. good morning. the amounts have been very light. it ramps up to a 2. this storm with widespread showers and scattered showers possible. winds will pick up at 1:00 today and the tide will get dangerous starting at 9:00 this evening. >> thanks. another update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma" and robin and i are discussing. this food smells and looks so good and we are so excited to be cooking with these five ingredient feasts with celebrity chef jamie oliver. [ applause ] >> good morning. >> he has quick and easy recipes you can whip up under 20 minutes. [ applause ] and how many ingredients? [ chanting "five" ] they've been practicing all morning. five simple ingredients and so why five. >> listen, i've been cooking and publishing in front of people around the world for 20 years. and i'm a slow learner. it took me all that time to come up with the amount of things is the thing that really is going to get you to cook or break you. so keeping it short, keeping the
8:31 am
flavor big, helping you guys with tips and tricks and those ingredients that really punch hard for one ingredient then that -- it's been a phenomena and, look, millions of books around the world. i couldn't quite believe what's happening. it's amazing. >> under 20 minutes. under 20 minutes. >> people don't have time. no one has time for that. no one's got time for that. remember that? remember that? we have two aspiring chefs, okay, we'll bring them out but first we want to you meet them. here's jackie. >> jamie, i need your help. every night i get home late from basketball practice and i'm hungry and exhausted. have suggestions for something super quick and easy. >> jamie has a solution. jackie, come on out here. >> come on out hey, jackie, how are you? good to see you. jackie, you're not the only one. our friend jonathan needs help as well so let's check out
8:32 am
jonathan's video. >> so lately i've been doing al girlfriend. i'm running out of new ideas to cook for us especially because i want to surprise her. so at this point i need i need expert advice. >> all right, jonathan, come on out and get it. let's go. [ applause ] good to see you. nice to meet you. >> what is your recipe and the ingredients for jackie. >> jackie, tell america, we have a beautiful dish. sausage carbonara. >> we have taglia telltelle, sausage, parsley, egg and parmesan. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> and under 15 minutes, it's a ten-minute meal and then over here we got five ingredients as well. let's have a little look here. come on, jon. >> a quick steak stir fry. >> crispy ginger, crispy garlic and what do we have.
8:33 am
beef inla bn nger, the plse'v bee doi this a long time and i feel like i'm vintage chef now, roo it? but, look, life is changing and people want big flavors, good food and they want it quick so that's how i kind of framed this book so over here, come on, jackie, carb naonara, charcoal, charred. tradition is the pancetta but we're doing it with a sausage because it's already seasoned so get a good sausage, not a rubbish one. you don't know what's in that. get a nice sausage and what we've dune, show them how you roll it in black pepper. it is essential. and a little bit of heat so this was a worker's dish, right? this was for miners and, you know, they wanted big flavor, big food so what we did is simply brown off these beautiful
8:34 am
balls. show them how to do it. go et that color and, of course, the quality of this is by, you know, finding a nice sausage. here we have an egg. traditionally it was just the yoke but we don't want to waste nothing. beat the egg, agos you know cooks very gently so we can't kind of treat it badly. we'll add parmesan and grate that. if you can mix it up. i'll great, you mix and so we have to have the trick here is heat control so we want to get aggressive kind of color on the outside of the sausage but, my friend, then we need to kind of break that temperature with the pasta so the lovely jackie now is just -- if you can just show them, if you look in the pan, it's currently frying but if we put the egg in there now it's going to scramble. not good. so this is not just about flavor it's about texture so we'll bring the water in and stop the frying with the water, right? [ applause ]
8:35 am
>> so easy. >> people forget the water is an essential ingredient so as the pan cools down then we can add this beautiful egg mixture in and we'll keep moving and we'll just -- then we want to jiggle it around beautifully and quickly and want it to be shiny and not thick. >> beautiful. >> all right, jamie. >> go on, my friend. >> don't forget about us down here now. >> let me just plate that up. look at that. >> just no time. >> okay. >> that looks delicious. >> now, show them how. so we'll this witisst, a littlet this into the pan on one side. also we want to flavor that oil and add flavor, maximum flavor, guys, so by slicing the garlic, come on. >> 30 seconds. >> we got 30 seconds? so by putting that garlic and ginger this there we'll get the garlic and ginger crispy and
8:36 am
cook that steak and what we end up with is this beautiful dish here, let me just show you, we've got the steak resting and what we simply do is as that gets golden brown we then kind of use the black bean sauce, a swig of vinegar and then i'll show you now plating up, the steak here, nice and tender, cook pink which is the way jon likes it. look at that. >> it looks good is there then if you want to put the crispy bits of ginger and garlic on there and the black bean sauce, just sprinkle that over top, my friend. this is delicious food. maximum flavor. there you are. [ applause ] >> jonathan, you can impress that girlfriend of yours now, man. thanks to the help of jamie. it is five ingredients, qui quick & easy food out now. everyone in the audience is going home with a copy and you can get all these recipes on our website. comele up, marie kondo's
8:37 am
trip to
8:38 am
i had so much doubt in me. my current supervisor reached out on linkedin. we set up a phone interview and from there i was hired. linkedin was the matchmaker.
8:39 am
back now on "gma" and backstage in my dressing room we're talking about the queen of clean, marie kondo, she's showing us how to transform our homes starting with abc's kayna whitworth. >> hello. i am marie kondo. >> reporter: she's the queen of neat and the best-selling author of the life changing magic of tidying up and now she's
8:40 am
literally in your living room in her new netflix series, she's decluttering homes. >> i'm so excited because i love this. >> reporter: and turning them into organized and serene living spaces. >> wow. >> reporter: to see how she works her magic she came over to tackle my messy guest room closet. >> not the worst. >> reporter: her method always starts with clothes. what to keep and what to toss. >> i found a christmas skirt. >> what's that? >> what am i doing? >> this is all your stuff. >> kondo says you need to take a hard look at your wardrobe, touch and examine each item and keep only the things that spark joy. no joy. i wore this on our first date. >> so obviously, yes. >> i can't get rid of that. >> reporter: before discarding
8:41 am
anything, be sure to thank it. thank you, pants. when that's done putting clothes back involves her signature folding technique. it seems complicated at first s. >> so the goal is for you to fold it so the items actually stand up. >> reporter: known as the konmari method, everything gets the once over, clothing, books, papers, everything. >> what is that? >> if you don't know what it is you can probably get rid of it. after only a week i had our house in much better shape. so organized. i can see them all. what is wrong with us americans that we need so much >> translator: there's a lot of different reasons but for one that's for sure, your house is huge. >> our house is huge compared to a typical japanese home
8:42 am
[ speaking a foreign language ] >> tra home is about the size of this living room. >> how do you feel when you leave a family knowing that you have changed their life and really their relationship? [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: there's nothing more happier than hearing them that their life changed. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, kayna. with me now in my dressing room is "good housekeeping" style director lori bergamotto. so, lori, we want to put some of marie's tips to the test right here right now. >> exactly. so her main component is whether or not the item sparks joy so i'm going to let you look through some of your clothes here and you're already pretty organized dressing room. >> you're very nice. >> it's a look for -- take each piece, pick it up. >> i love it. this brings me joy. >> that's going to stay. >> this does not bring me joy. i never wear it. >> you thank it for its service. >> thank you so much. >> and put it inr
8:43 am
n hoply wi lit that'sh this th. uld keeptbe somey i'utha yig keep. what you might wear in two years but whether or not it brings joy. >> i'll do that of at show. organization also one of her huge points and you say folding is key. >> it is so this is vertical folding. this might look different to people at home who are used to layering on top. >> i stack my jeans. >> fold each sleeve in. >> okay. >> you do one, i'll do one. >> this is how i fold then a little triangle. the idea you're fieldiolding ea piece more and again and again until it stands vertically. >> i would think it would expand and take more space. >> it doesn't and allows you to see everything. this connection between your material things and your inner surroundings. >> find your joy. lose your clutter. >> spark it. >> stay after the show. we got work to do.
8:44 am
thank you so much, lori. thank you, marie. this month's issue of "good housekeeping" out now. get more tips on ntlmten you're in the middle of 20 inches below average for their snow since december 1st. you know where they do have a lot of snow, austria. those cows just january. [ laughter ] seven feet in seven days. i got that so you all know this guy doesn't top after this show. you got "gma day." what's coming up? >> josh hutcherson, "the hunger
8:45 am
games star" alum and star of "future man" for "gma day." coming up here next on "gma," the cast of "lindsay lohan's beach club". we'll be right back.
8:46 am
8:47 am
nfrjts case you hadn't heard "the bachelor" is back. colton underwood met 30 women vying for his heart last night during the season 23 premiere and they certainly knew how to make an entrance. on monday night colton's search for love began. >> the hot mess express and i'm the conductor. >> 30 women arriving at the mansion to meet america's next bachelor, all vying for a rose. >> how are you? >> some women doing everything they could to make a lasting impression. from arriving in a carriage cinderella style to dressing like a sloth. >> hi.
8:48 am
>> reporter: and this mystifying moment already gone viral. bri with the accent. >> the accent is australian. i was hoping you're a sucker for -- >> reporter: confessing to chris harrison during the live portion. >> i'm not actually an australian. i think it's kind of aware now but i was so shocked by it. i loved all the love and support from everyone. it was really amazing and so fun. >> reporter: but for a bachelor who revealed he was all nerves colton had quite a first night. >> a dramatic dip. >> reporter: the woman to watch, katherine blowing up twitter for stealing colton away. >> i wanted to talk to you a little bit more. >> not once. >> do you mind if i interrupt? >> not twice. >> hi, can i have another few moments with you? >> four times. yet she did something right. securing the last rose of the night. >> wow. wow. wow. you can see a new episode of "the bachelor" monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. michael, over to you. >> all right, thank you there,
8:49 am
lara. i'm here with the cast of "lindsay lohan's beach club," yes. the show premieres tonight and it's great to have jonitta, brent, sara and mike with us. thanks for joining us. [ applause ] sara, i want to start out with you. you four are the nuts and bolts of the beach club. >> right. >> from host to waiter and what it's like working for lindsay lohan? >> she is an amazing boss. she is like very strict but, you know, you got to stay on your ps and qs, it's like working for anybody else but you're working for lindsay lohan. it's a little different. >> jonitta, you were a big fan of lindsay's before you started working on the show. does she live up to the hype. >> i wasn't disappointed. i was nervous going in just because of what america and the tabloids, you know, paint this picture of her as but working for her she's about her business and she's like right to the
8:50 am
point, pretty straightforward. >> about business and straight to the point. [ applause ] a little clip from a look at the show where you guys are all about business. this is when you got to the house and you decided to become a little bit more acclimated to the climate. but what you didn't realize that lind and her business ptn were going to show up at the house. >> no one invited her. >> she's the boss. she invited herself. a clip and see what happens. >> what the hell is going wrong? are they like stupid or something? >> the investors at the house are in the pool and drunk. i want to build ang empire. this is not girls gone wild. >> hi. >> hello, guys. >> that's actually desi linden standing in front of me right now. >> she's here. [ applause ] >> and that's not the best first impression. >> i like to tell everyone i'm a good time but it wasn't good timing when she showed up. >> for you.
8:51 am
i was in my underwear. i was like, hi, lindsay, how are you? >> 30 plus hours. >> we didn't drink. >> a little swimming after 30 hours of traveling. >> i do own a bathing, suit, okay? >> i do have a question. what surprised you most about lindsay? >> honestly, her drive and work ethic. like i thought i was like -- [ applause ] >> honestly. i mean, i went out there and i was like, oh, i'm working for lindsay lohan, you know, i can relax if i have a few drinks she'll be able to empathize with me. to be honest i don't think she did anything different than any normal teenager did just had a million eyes on her. i'd be in jail if that was me. so she literally came out and knew what she wanted and knew how to she wanted it done. no room for error so this is paradise to this is an asylum in paradise. so scared. >> this is really work. >> it was.
8:52 am
>> but there is this video that came out that we can't unsee. lindsay's dancing. >> do the lilo. >> the lilo. what did you guys think about it? >> it looked a lot cooler at the time. >> yeah. >> it kind of is when you go out drinking with your friends and cake up in the morning and go through the instagram story and go, oh, my god. >> delete it. >> delete it. >> it went viral so we couldn't take it off. >> how many tried that dance -- >> practiced it a few times. >> yeah. >> make her friends all try it when we got back home. [ applause ] >> but, you know, i think it's great to hear, these shows look -- it's a lot of drama going on but a lot of hard work so a lot of hard work. >> oh, yeah, a lot of early -- people don't wake up in mykonos until 2:00, we had to be up at like 9:00 a.m. every day and work and party, it was a lot. >> waking up at 9:00 a.m. and partying.
8:53 am
>> i mean when you're partying until like 4:00. ne having gre make sure time at the party. >> times. thank you for stopping by. seriously. a lot of fun and everybody at home have fun watching this show, it's "lindsay lohan's beach club." it premieres tonight on mtv. don't want to miss that. we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:54 am
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>> announcer: kevin hart is in a new movie earn is talking about. now tomorrow he's here at "gma." >> what? >> talking about everything and is he thinking of heading back to host the oscars after all the backlash he's faced? tomorrow it's kevin live only on -- >> good morning, america! >> do the little -- >> i got a little bit of it. >> she was like that. have a great tuesday, everybody. [ applause ]
8:57 am
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good morning. it's 8:59. get ready for more rain. hi. of. >> hi everybody. let's get through it. here is a look at live doppler 7. it is hotter than what's reaching the ground. the big stuff comes in the afternoon. we have widespread showers and embedded thunderstorms. winds will pick up after 1:00 today gusting to 65 miles per hour. check out the surf. 9:00 tonight to 9:00 tomorrow night. it will be tough there. here are my concerns for the storm, hydroplaning. >> not seeing any of that now. we are enjoying mostly dry pavement. very busy here. metering lights have been on since about 5:30 this morning. a few minutes before that. we are looking at yellow drive around. >> thanks.
9:00 am
we'll see you again at 11:00 >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the adventure "a series of unfortunate events," allison williams. and one of the stars of "the passage," mark-paul gosselaar. plus, we continue jan-you-ary with delicious food swaps courtesy of hungry girl. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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